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LED replacements for both T5 and T8 tubes are available. Either as retrofit or single end tubes.


There is also a line of tubes with embedded motion detector - IR or Microwave. Tubes with 270 degree angle of light are available.


Retrofit tubes can be installed in exisiting fixtures with electronic or magnetic ballast. Be aware of that use of retrofit tubes without removing the ballast will result in 38% savings, while a re-wiring of the fixture will result in close to 80 % savings.


Various styles of fixtures made for T5 or T8 tubes.


The products include regular recessed and surface mount grille light fittings, office light fittings, waterproof fixtures (IP65 and IP67), linkable aluminium lighting fixtures for supermarkets and integrated fixtures.


More than 100 models are available.



The product range include LED panels in various styles.


Regular panels are available in all standard sizes from 15x60 cm to 60x120 cm, either as back or side lit panels.


The range also include dimmable panels, RGB panels and CCT panels.


In addition to regular panels both grille and troffe panels are available.


Various styles of downlights  from 3W to 60W are available. Fireproof, IP66, integrated driver etc


The range of tracklights is comprised by about 40 various styles, both single and double headed.


Eight product lines of streetlights - HD or COB - covering both walking areas and highways. In addition regular street lights both tunnel lights and flood lights can be supplied.


The Range of flood lights cover both regular white light and IR - both visible and invisible. All floodlights are IP65 or higher.


High Bay lights

High bay lights in various designs. Either as regular mining lights suitable for high ceiling storages or warehouses, or as designer lights suitable for i.e. grocery stores.

EX lights

A line of floodlights and outdoor lights carrying ATEX and IECEx certificates suitable for use in hazardeous areas offshore and onshore.

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