Why LED ?

LED lighting systems give superior performance compared to other solutions and can guarantee energy savings of up to 80%-90%.

LEDs emit more and higher quality light, last longer and can be controlled remotely. Moreover, they do not require maintenance or additional costs, such as waste discharge, filters, cooling systems, air conditioning or others costs.

LED technology guarantees:

  • Luminous efficiency: Many times more efficient than traditional lamps.

  • Reduced consumption: more light with less energy LEDs guarantee high luminous efficiency, do not dissipate energy into heat and allow a cut in energy waste of up to 80% - 90%.

  • Reduced emission: a light that is oxygenUsing LEDs means lower CO2 emission into the atmosphere.

  • Duration: long life of the LEDA LED can work 24/7, for more than 5 years and its life span is unaffected by switching frequency.

  • Resistance: more resistant than everLEDs are free from glass parts or filaments that wear out with heat. They are resistant to impact, shocks and vibrations, and can tolerate a wide heat range.

  • Security: more security, less maintenanceLEDs guarantee maximum security, cut maintenance costs and are free from fragile components and toxic waste materials.

  • Digital management: always under controlLED lighting systems developed by Green2Light can be integrated with digital management and remote-control devices to monitor the systems’ status and performance in real or deferred time.

  • Immediate power up: now it is LEDLEDs immediately light up without the need of additional circuits, therefore they do not incur additional costs as traditional lighting systems do.

  • No toxic materials: clean lightLEDs are free from toxic or polluting materials (such as mercury, lead, phosphorous…) and do not emit harmful rays.

  • Flexibility: maximum versatilityLED technology is very flexible, versatile and it allows conversion of traditional into advanced LED lighting systems.

  • Natural light: nature in your lightLatest generation white LEDs have a natural chromatic index equal to 90%, very similar to sun light.

  • Colour spectrum: the full colour range within a clickLED technology covers the complete colour range and offers the possibility to choose a single tone in a very precise way, without using filters.

  • Quick Return on Investment: immediate pay backSwitching to LEDs ensures immediate, tangible economic advantages and relamping project investment costs can be paid back between 3 and 5 years.